Tips on Choosing a Car Rental Company in Singapore

Car rental in Singapore is becoming commonplace as more people look for an alternative to public transportation and purchasing a car. With so many car rental companies available, it can take time to decide on the right one that fits your needs. Between looking for a corporate car leasing, a chauffeur driver service, and a short-term or long-term car leasing, there are several factors to keep in mind that will help you with picking out the best car rental company – this article will keep you updated on everything you know and give you practical handles and guidelines to guide you through the car rental industry here in Singapore.

What is a Car Rental Company?

car rental company in Singapore is a business that rents out cars to customers for a fee, usually for a short period of time, such as a few hours or several days. These companies sometimes referred to as car hire or vehicle hire companies, provide a short-term car lease in which the lessee can use the car in exchange for monthly payments to the lessor. Depending on the type of services offered by the car rental company, customers can opt for self-drive or chauffeur-driven services. Self-drive rental cars are available on an hourly basis and can be booked online or over the phone.

Customers who choose this option have access to a variety of vehicles, such as compact cars, sedans, luxury cars, and SUVs, to name a few. Some car rental companies even provide minibuses for customers looking to travel or drive in a large group. Chauffeur-driven services, on the other hand, offer experienced drivers who will help customers get from one place to another with ease and comfort. This service includes additional features such as door-to-door pickup and drop-offs at designated locations. In addition to leasing services, many car rental organizations also supply automobile insurance, global position system navigation tools (GPS), road assistance, and 24-hour customer support.

Benefits of Renting a Car

Renting a car can be an affordable and convenient way to get around. With the increasing number of rental companies, one is bound to be within your budget and your needs. What many don’t realize, however, is that there are numerous benefits to renting a car beyond simply just having access to transportation. Compared to purchasing your own vehicle, renting or leasing a car in Singapore is way more affordable as they don’t require additional costs such as road tax and the Certificate of Entitlement (COE). For example, if you’re willing to sign a short-term car lease, you can waive the maintenance fee and vehicle depreciation. Aside from that, short-term car rentals provide you with better accessibility, such as having the liberty of choosing a car model of your liking and trying out different models instead of sticking to one. This opens up opportunities for those who have never driven a luxury car to give it a go.

Renting a car opens up your world to many conveniences, more so if you’re a tourist or someone who will not be around in Singapore for long. Instead of going through the hassle of figuring out the public transportation system or relying on friends for easy travel, a car rental is more fuss-free and will grant you the freedom to go wherever you want without worrying about missing the next bus or scheduling a ride to your next destination. When travelling in a group, the rental amount can always be split between everyone so the financial strain won’t be too heavy on one person. That way, everyone can travel together at their own pace while getting around comfortably.

Requirements to Rent a Car in Singapore

For locals looking to rent, all you need is a Singapore driver’s license at least one year prior to the rental date, remaining valid throughout the renting duration. As for foreigners, they must have a driving license issued by their home country that’s been officially translated into English or an International Driving Permit (IDP). With the necessary documents in hand, they are permitted to drive in Singapore for up to a year. For a duration longer than 12 months, foreigners will have to convert their home license into a local driving license and undergo Singapore’s mandatory two Basic Theory Tests to fully understand Singapore traffic rules and Highway Code. A conversion fee of $50 will be collected before they are given their new local license.

Another requirement for renting a car in Singapore is that the driver must be aged 21 years or above while having driven for two years, minimum. They should also have included insurance coverage with third-party liability protection included. Unfortunately, those with a probationary license are prohibited from leasing a car as most car rental companies demand at least one year of experience in driving. Drivers ought to also present their passports or identity card as proof of residency when signing the rental agreement. A person can be rejected from renting a car if they have been charged with any major traffic violation.

Tips for Choosing a Car Rental Company in Singapore

Car rental companies often offer different packages, from short-term to long-term lease packages, along with corporate car leasing plans. Renters should give some thought to their own needs and budgets when deciding which option is best for them. Car rental companies in Singapore, such as C&P Rent-A-Car, offer various types of vehicles and car lease packages, with additional room for their clients to opt for self-drive or chauffeur-driven services.

When choosing a rental car, always ensure you meet the requirements to avoid extra costs. It’s vital that you are well aware of the conditions going into the agreement and what you will be signing up for throughout the rental period. Regarding short-term car leases, a few elements must be taken into account before signing up with any rental company in Singapore. Knowing the type of vehicle, you need or want while factoring in the duration of the contract is an excellent first step. Other things worth noting include the cost of petrol or additional fees such as insurance coverage that may come with some contracts.

Some companies provide you with a car that will have its fuel tank filled and probably demand you have it returned the same. Should the gas tank be left close to empty upon returning, the petrol service fee can do more damage than putting in the effort to get it filled in the first place. Electric cars will save you from this trouble, only needing to charge, but they will be less prominent than fuel-run cars and will most likely have a higher rent rate.

If you’re keen on enjoying luxury and comfort, rental companies offer chauffeur driver services so you can rest easy knowing that all the driving will be taken care of by a professional. These drivers are very knowledgeable and experienced, providing reliable service while assuring their passengers that they’re in safe hands at all times.

When it comes to booking, you should avoid doing it last minute as these rental companies may need a heads-up in terms of timing to prepare your car for pick-up, which can range from 24 to 72 hours. To save yourself from any surcharges and guarantee the car model of your choosing, avoid making any bookings at the last minute whenever possible. Upon picking up your rental car, you may be asked to provide a security deposit, which is in place to safeguard the rental company. In the case of any damage or violation under the rental contract, the deposit will then be used to cover the repair costs. Before leaving off with your new ride, it’s crucial to perform inspections to keep you insured from any hassle after the rental. Arriving about half an hour earlier than the appointed pick-up time will allow you to bring up any present defects on the car to the agent in charge so the blame won’t be shifted to you once the car’s been returned. Any pre-existing damage can conjure up a considerable sum if you’re not vigilant of the car’s present condition.

On the last day of the rental service, thoroughly check your car to ensure no damage was caused under your care and that all your belongings have been taken out. Have the car returned on time, ensuring beforehand that the rental company will be open when you’re there. Any late returns could have you paying up a late fee that could’ve been entirely preventable. Choosing the right car rental company in Singapore can be a hassle, but between sticking to your allocated budget and having a good experience, taking the time to explore options and knowing what you want will save both your pockets and time. A reliable and trustworthy company can guarantee you a worry-free rental experience, which will go a long way. You’ll be glad you took the time.

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