General Terms & Conditions
  • Rates include hire of vehicle, insurance, maintenance, fuel costs, service of the chauffeur, parking and unlimited mileage. Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and any toll fees (applicable for Malaysia usage only) shall be borne by the hirer.
  • For MICE events, event organizer must ensure that adequate complimentary parking is provided for the cars requested. Otherwise, hirer shall pay for any parking or passes required.

How early can we make bookings or reservations?
A: Bookings or reservations can be made 48 hours in advance.

How far in advance should I make reservations for my wedding/event?
A: We recommend making reservations at least 2 weeks in advance for your event.

What is the waiting time policy?
A: Waiting time is strictly 15 minutes for City Transfers and 30 minutes for Airport Arrivals and departures. Any delay beyond the waiting time will incur additional charges.

What is the cancellation policy?
A: For One-Way Transfers, no charge if canceled outside 24 hours from pickup time. Within 24 hours, 100% charge applies. For Disposal service, minimum 3 hours notice is required or 50% charge for project-based orders.

Do you offer airport services?
A: Yes, we provide airport services. Visit [link] for information on airport services and rates.

Can I be charged only for the hours in the limo for multiple trips?
A: The hourly rate applies for a minimum booking of 3 consecutive hours. Transfer rate applies if there is a 3-hour interval between transfer trips.

Do you have a required minimum hours of service?
A: A minimum of 3 hours is required for disposal service hire.

How will my chauffeur be dressed?
A: Chauffeurs will be dressed in white long button-up sleeves and dark pants

Do you allow alcohol in the limo?
A: Consumption of alcohol is not allowed.

Do you charge a fuel fee?
A: No, fuel fees are included in the transfer.

Do you charge for additional stops?
A: An additional stop (maximum of 1) is charged at a flat rate of $20 per stop. If the stop is over 3km away from the original pick-up/drop-off point, an additional transfer fee is applied.

What if we go a little overtime?
A: Overtime will be charged accordingly.

How do you calculate charges for exceeding the initial booking time?
A: If a transfer exceeds another hour, it’s charged as a round trip. Beyond that, it’s charged as disposal (3 hours minimum)

Are you Licensed?
A:Yes, we are licensed.

Are you insured or bonded?
A:Yes, we are insured and bonded.

Do you provide child safety seats?
A: Child safety seats are available based on availability.

How will I reach my chauffeur after our event is over?
A: Driver details will be provided a day before transfer jobs. For disposal or extended hours, details can be provided earlier.

Can I request a particular driver?
A: You can request a specific driver, subject to availability

Do you offer a transfer service for special events?
A: Yes, we offer transfer services for special events.

What are your hours of operation?
A:We operate 24 hours a day.

Do you offer shuttle buses or motor coaches?
A: Yes, shuttle buses and motor coaches are available.

What is your No Show policy?
A: All charges apply if there’s a “NO SHOW” from passengers.

Amendment of Rental Car Booking

Can I make changes to my rental car booking?
A: Certainly, amendments are permitted. However, once payment is processed, refunds are not applicable.

Where can I pick up or drop off the rental car?
A: Car collection and return are strictly at C & P’s office located at 41 Pandan Road, Singapore 609283. Delivery/collection service is available at a charge of $30 for one-way and $60 for two-way.

What documents are needed when picking up the car?
A: For local residents, a valid IC, driving license are required, and for foreigners, a driving license and Passport/EP are required. It. is mandaatory for EP holders to convert their International license to a Singapore license within their first year of obtaining the EP.

Is a deposit required when collecting the car?
A: Yes, a deposit is mandatory.

Do I need to declare additional drivers?
A: Yes, additional drivers must be declared.

What is the fuel policy for rental cars?
A: Each car is provided with a full tank of petrol/diesel, which the hirer must refill at their expense upon return. Failure to do so incurs an estimated refuelling charge.

Can I take the rental car to Malaysia?
A: No, this is only allowed for long-term rentals.

What is the policy for no-shows?
A: No refunds are available once full payment has been collected.

What are the age requirements for renting a car?
A: The hirer must be at least 22 years old and 65 years old maximum. They must hold a valid Singapore Class 3 driving license. Foreign hirers should have at least one year of qualified driving experience.

What if my rental car breaks down?
A: Our 24-hour service assistance ensures you’re covered for breakdowns and tire issues.

24Hr Breakdown/Service: 9736-6666
24Hr Tyre Service: 6261-3132

Is C & P’s car rental service available on the app, web, and mobile web?
A: Currently, our Self Drive service is available through our website and mobile web. An app for our users is also under consideration.

How does the company define wear and tear?
A: CPRAC-Wear-Tear-Guide.pdf

What are the timings for pick up or booking?
A:Pick up time can be made any time from 09:30 in the morning to 16:30 in the afternoon. No earlier or later.

What if I pick up the vehicle early but return late?
A: Vehicles must be returned based on the pick-up timing, and late returns may result in an additional full day rental charge. Assuming that the pick up of vehicle is at 10am but the return is at 5pm, C & P reserves the right to charge the client for another full day rental. Vehicles should be returned based on the pick up timing.

What is the insurance coverage for rental cars?
A: Insurance covers vehicle excess and liability, including our third-party vehicles. There is no zero excess once vehicle is damaged

What if I get into an accident in Malaysia?
A: We do not allow rentals to Malaysia for our short term rentals. In the event where an accident happens in Malaysia, be it third party or our car, the customer has to bare full responsibility.

What condition is the rental vehicle in?
A: Our vehicles are thoroughly maintained before rental.

Are there clean-up and damage fees?
A: Any existing damage at the time of hire must be noted by both parties on the check-in/check-out form. Damage not noted will be charged to the hirer’s account. A cleaning fee of between $50 to $300 depending on the damage done to the vehicle. The hirer will be charged for a returned car in an unacceptably dirty condition. In the event that damage to the vehicle becomes evident after cleaning, repair costs may be charged to the hirer. Any parking, traffic infringements, and late return charges may also be charged to the hirer.

Can I extend my rental period?
A: To extend, notify C & P and make the necessary advance payment to extend insurance coverage. Failure to do so may mean that the hirer is driving the vehicle without insurance.

What are the minimum days I can rent a vehicle?
A: The minimum rental period is one day (24 hours) Provided it is on a weekday. 3 days for weekends. Excess days are charged accordingly. All rates include unlimited mileage, third-party insurance, and maintenance but exclude gasoline. Rates are subject to prevailing GST.

What if I get a fine or ticket while driving the rental car?
A: The hirer is accountable for parking and traffic fines.

What is the cancellation policy for rentals?
A: Our company exercises a No Refund Policy once booking has been made.

However, there exists a singular exception to this policy: in the rare instance that the initially reserved vehicle becomes unavailable, and the client opts not to pursue an alternative model from our offerings, a full refund will promptly be issued.

Do note that a refund may take up to 2 weeks and that an extra fee may be charged to the user’s card. Check with your card provider.

What payment methods are preferred?
A: No cheques are accepted; bank transfers or debit/credit cards are preferred.

What is C & P Rent-A-Car data protection policy?

We ask for your name, telephone number and e-mail address. This helps us to process your booking, to contact you if we have any problems with your request or to send you an electronic confirmation of the booking. If you are a member we link your membership number/name to the information we keep in our main customer database in-order to speed up your booking process.

We operate the following policy with regards to the privacy of customer data:

We will maintain the personal information provided via this site as part of our records to assist us to maintain and improve our administration and management of our car rental business. Unless you have given us your consent your personal information will not be used for any other purpose.

Customers are welcome to see the information held about them at any time and to make the necessary amendments to keep the information up to date.

To view or update information, customers can log in to customer portal.

We collect personal particulars, email address and driving license details when you make a booking, this helps us to process your booking, to contact you if we have any problems with your request or to send you an electronic confirmation of the booking.

If any security is needed to protect information such as credit card details we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encryption software. However, does not collect credit card details, as all payments are re-directed to secure fund transfer (PayNow)..

What payment options are accepted?

PayNow QR Code or UEN: 197900477H

Customers have a choice to pay via VISA or AMEX card. Master Card and Diners Card are not accepted.

Telegraphic Transfer
All local and foreign bank charges are to be borne by Hirer. Therefore, please ensure that you contact your local bank to check with our DBS bank on the charges for the various amounts wired over. Different sources of telegraphic transfer may attract different charges imposed by our DBS Bank.

Name of Payee:

Name of Bank:

Bank Address:

Name of Branch:

Bank Address:
#B1-47/48/49/50, SINGAPORE 648331

Account Number:

Bank Number:

Swift Code:
DBSSSGSG (Note: DBS do not require IBAN number for payment)

Branch Number:


Type of Account:
Current Account

Payment Currency:
Singapore Dollars (SGD$)

Fax Number:
+65 6349-3855


In the event the bank rejects your TT because of the “&” symbol, please TT to C N P RENT-A-CAR (PTE) LTD

For any queries regarding payments, please contact our AP/AR Executive, Miss Lynette TAY for assistance. She can be contacted at +65 6349-3830 (DID) or Email:

Cover is provided against liability for bodily injuries to third parties or damage to third party property.

The anticipated rental cost, along with a minimum deposit of $600 (for those above 30 years) or $1200 (for those below 30 years), is to be settled upon car collection. The full adjustment would be made on completion of the rental.

For deposit at collection point, C & P accept the following charge cards: American express, Visa, Diners Mastercard, NETs and other major credit cards.