Thank You CNP

Name: Ho Yuen Seng
Company: Part-Time Driver

Hi Mr Loi,


Thank you CNP for accepting me as your part time chauffeur for many years.

Recently I was activated to drive for the just concluded successful Para Games.


Would want to compliment her and her dedicated team and other awesome part timers helping C & P operate the engine.


Permit me to share an incident with you. During the WTA tennis event, while reversing at about 9.35pm, I bumped into a pillar at MBS resulting in scratching the rear right bumper and a broken tail light. Her team including herself inspected the car. Instead of lashing at me, they comforted. They did not belittle me. They told me to drive to their approved workshop next day for repair. While the car was in the workshop, I was still allowed to report for work and finish at 9.30pm thus enabling me to recoup money towards the damage. Angeline and her team are very compassionate and is proud of her team. They are very professional and passionate, have good work ethics.


I may not have further opportunity to drive for C & P in future events due to this unfortunate misquote issue on my part which could be quoted out of context, which was ‘you do not know where is the VIP Complex at airport?’ I frequent this place while driving with your Company.


It has been a joy working under Angeline’s no nonsense tough task master leadership. She is an asset to any organisation.


Regards and Merry Christmas.


Tony Ho Yuen Seng



  1. Please give both of them a pat on my behalf.