Email of Commendation

Name: Shaun Heng

Good morning,


My name is CPT Shaun Heng Ming Quan, and I am writing an email of commendation for the drivers’ whom have been allocated for my recent attachment. During the recent visit by our Taiwan counterparts, I was appointed by Mindef to assist in hosting the Taiwanese from 28 November – 4 December, and the drivers allocated during the period were namely Mr Pang and Jie Ming.


I would like to offer my most sincere appreciation to these drivers for their utmost professionalism during the period. Through the period of 7 days, they were never once late and always ready whenever we needed the transport. They were dressed in a professional white shirt and black pants, with covered shoes, which displayed good professionalism and image of our drivers to not only our foreign counterparts, but also impressed the locals like myself and the other Army Officers. In addition, the driving was excellent, keeping close to the speed limit and traffic rules of Singapore. What further impressed me was the cleaniness of the vehicles on a daily basis despite the late end time of our programmes daily. I would like to emphasize that this protrayal of professionalism and work ethics have definitely set your company from the others. I would like to give credit for the company in terms of the excellent training you have provided to your drivers.


I would like to additionally complement Mr Pang. During the first night, on 28 November, one of the Taiwanese had a drink too much and dirtied the vehicle. The next day, the vehicle was as clean as new. The additional effort to ensure a clean vehicle for usage is evident of his hard work and dedication to provide an excellent experience for the passengers. In addition, through the 7 days, I faced difficulty explaining the places of attractions to the Taiwanese as I was not used to conversing in Mandarin. Mr Pang was always ready to lend me and helping hand, and on more than one occasions, led me out of difficulty with his experience and understanding of Singapore in the past, and the Singapore today.


Thank you for taking the time to read this email. I would concur that being a driver today in Singapore today is no easy feat and driving long hours, yet making the effort to ensure the most positive experience for the passengers is definitely one that is worth commending. I do hope the company would be able to show some form of appreciation to these drivers. If you need any clarifications, do give me a call on the number stated below. Thank you and have an excellent week ahead.